Feature Requests

Checklist Items- Removal Once Cell is Empty (2)
Tag customisation (3)
All Tasks from children folders should appear in the parent directory (5)
Show or hide individual columns in column view (2)
Rapid item creation with copy/paste cells from Excel (spreadsheet) (4)
Grouping by Assignees and Completed together (7)
Column view Layout and sorting of segments displayed (2)
Option to change multiple fields in a column at once (2)
Email to board to create an item (2)
Saving board setup as custom template (3)
Linking to other cards from a card (3)
Usability Improvements on Column Boards (2)
2-Factor Authentication is a MUST HAVE (2)
Time tracking support (4)
Labels shared across workspace results in empty columns (3)
Print views -- The one great Trello missing feature (2)
REST API support (2)
Webhooks support (2)
Gradient Project Bars (2)
Templates (discussion) (6)
Table View - Column Width Adjustment (2)
Make Checklists Visible in Items (14)
Make a button to GoTo your dashboards from the forums! (4)
Improve column view UX by using: Custom background & matching column backround (2)
Applying template per Folder within a board, rather than applying template to board (6)
Translation / localisation / language choice (3)
Date Picker - Flexible Width? (2)
Another Date Request: Date Ranges (4)
Dark Mode Theme? (5)
Improved folder and task options (3)