Alerts Critical Feature!

We really need alerts for uncompleted tasks. I forget tasks I assign all the time. I need to have a reminder and a way to check up on my employee’s tasks. The question has been asked but the support staff spoke about notifications for invites not what the person really asked about.

Hey @market,

You’re right, Reminders are definitely an important aspect to anyone’s workflow.

However, combining Date attributes and the ‘Comments’ section could work right now, until we build that feature.

A project manager or a person responsible for checking tasks and data every day could go to comments, @ (mention) the assignee to that specific task, and that person will get a notification.

We’re hoping to start developing Reminders in a few weeks, after Advanced Permissions, Mobile apps and a couple of more features/functionalities are done.

But I don’t want to promise too much. App performance needs to be a priority for us, as we’re creating more and more features, but also bigger organizations handling a lot of data in our tool.

Cheers and thanks for everything! :slight_smile: