Attributes should be off by default when viewing parent folder, to avoid the mess

When I view a parent folder, I get a ton of useless data i.e. the labels are duplicated.

  1. I have an empty parent folder.
  2. I open a child folder and I import a trello board in it, everything is fine.
  3. I open a new child folder, and import another trello board, and now both the first and second child folders, have duplicated labels for their items.
  4. I opened a third child folder, and imported a trello board, and now all items in the three folders have three duplicate labels.

The parent folder duplicates the label and I get this (labels on the right):

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Hi @iveselinovski, sorry we somehow missed to answer to your post, but I see that bug is added to our backlog, and done in this sprint.

This is a problem with Trello import, we didn’t handle importing the same attributes well. The fix is now done, but not yet released to live version. It will be live next week.

I’ll update this topic once it is live.


Great to hear that. Has it been handled? Can I try re-importing the Trello boards?

The fix is done, but not yet published. I’ll notify as soon as it is live.