Mobile table view

When I view a table on my smartphone it looks like its more of a list view. I mean it’s just one column and I cannot see all columns in the table.

Is there any way I can just have the normal table view displayed so I can see and scroll to all columns and rows information?

Let me explain a bit better. In a table I made, currently when I view it on a mobile, I see for each entry a couple infos…in this case a name, a birth date below, a link field, then 2 labels.

but the whole table has 20 or so columns. So I’m wondering, what decides what information is displayed on the mobile version? Where do you pick that name, link and labels are displayed, but the others are not? Can that be modified?

Hey @scholvien,

The thing is we’re currently not supporting Table View in the Mobile app.

Also, attributes shown are ones that are optimized for the mobile view. I believe those are Members, Date, Long text and Link.

However, if you click on the card (item), and expand it, you’ll see all the rest of the attributes.