More currencies


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I would love to see the GBP currency at least and not just USD and EUR

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Hi @rose,

For now, you can create ‘Custom Currency’, until we create new ‘default’ currencies.



That workaround is good. However, I have subscriptions in different currencies that I want to log into my board. So in one board I want to be able to list my subscribed services in USD and GBP not ignoring other subscriptions with different currencies I have like AED and BHD.

I currently choose a text attribute instead of number.

Is this something you’re thinking about?


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Hey @benjaffer, welcome to the CF!

Sure thing, I can add this suggestion.

However, are you sure creating multiple custom currencies is not going to cover that?



Thanks @coa. I can do that but when I want to use them all in the same table, I’ll end up adding each currency to a separate column, right?

Unless I’m missing the point here, having multiple custom currencies in the same table would just make it bigger.

The whole point here is to have one column that holds all prices regardless of the currency.




Do you mean in the same column?

If you wish to use multiple currencies in the same attribute/column, then I’d suggest using ‘Text’ for now.

Having a lot of custom number attributes which would cover multiple currencies is definitely not a valid solution here. :slight_smile:

In the meantime, I’ll talk to the team about implementing more currencies in the “currencies” format. Which ones did you have on mind?



With the workaround there is no space separator between thousands. :frowning:



We need Norwegian kroner


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Text is ok for me, but when set it like a number, wich is mandatory when do a calculation, the formatting change from have ing a space between number and currency to be like 1000PHP.
Not so bad… but could be better.




Thank you for suggesting that, feel free to also suggest it via our suggestion form, so that other users can vote for it as well.

Custom one can be made just as @lasse.woien suggested, it can work in most cases, however, we are aware that “custom” option is not the most perfect solution (workaround) but at least it allows you to get your currency in.

@hegedus.gabor I’ve had couple of people reach out to me because of that, I’ll do my personal best to create an additional internal suggestion for this and hopefully we’ll see it at some point in the future!

Thank you all for the suggestions and valuable feedback.