Register?invitation not loading in IE

When I load the Register?Invitation=… page in IE it’s plank. I open up dev tools and I see a few errors.

Here is a screen shot of what I see. This is happening on one of my Users screen as well.

Hey @paul.marshall, thanks for letting us know. We are aware of certain issues that tend to happen in IE. For now, my suggestion would be to use some other browser if at all possible. Would that be a suitable workaround for you?

IE is what is supported by our IT Group. Asking users to load and use an unsupported browser just to use your product is an annoyance. But, I guess an annoyance the users will have to deal with if we are to continue to use your product.

I agree, @paul.marshall. I know it is an annoyance to ask you guys to switch to a different browser, but I hope it’s not a deal-breaker.

The thing is that a great majority of our users use other Internet browsers, so although we’re planning to become better optimized for IE in the future, it’s not so high on our list of priorities at the moment.

Then perhaps a disclaimer that you don’t support IE is appropriate. As it is now coming into your site I’d fully expect IE to be supported.

Perhaps a good idea, thanks.

I guess your IT department should change browser support for IE… several years ago. I’m sorry you have to use it because of IT Group requirements.

What Microsoft does or does not support is not relevant… What are the people using is what is relevant. The people are still using IE. Specifically IE 11. In fact more people are using IE 11 than Edge which does work for this page. If any of my customers (External) were to come back to me and say my application doesn’t work in IE and my response was “Use a different browser” they probably wouldn’t be my customer much longer.

Hey @paul.marshall relax :slight_smile: I think you may have misread my comment (lack of emoticons on my part?).

I didn’t say Infinity shouldn’t provide support for IE, I was just expressing my sympathy for you. I do it for everyone I meet who has to use it at work (as a matter of fact I suggested my clients to switch to a different web browser long ago before I ever heard about Infinity - because of security concerns, lack of support for webstandars, etc)

Hey guys!

@paul.marshall I understand your struggle, and you have a point.

@man, thanks for joining this conversation and for your best intentions. :slight_smile:

The bottom line here would be that we should definitely (and we will) optimize Infinity for IE users.

However, there’s still a process of setting a priority for that task. Our statistics say that roughly a total of 10 Infinity members currently use IE as their browser, which is below 1%.

Then, our dev team will need to see how much time and effort will take that task, and will it impact our current plans until the end of the year. You can read more about that here.

@paul.marshall Paul, @Jovana’s intention was to suggest a workaround solution for you. Our job as part of the Infinity crew is to always offer support and solution for our members. If it’s not possible to directly make something happen, we’ll always try to come up with a different method (or a workaround).

Hope that’s okay with you :slight_smile:

@man I did interpret your comment as a defense of Infinities lack of support of IE. My apologies. Yes IE sucks in so many ways but unfortunately for developers it’s still out there.

@coa I would have expected your IE count to be much less since your login screen and registration screen both don’t work at all in IE. Can you please share how those ten users were able to use your product in IE so I can share with my Users?

No problem. Text communication is limited and we sometimes forget that our intentions can’t be carried with our tone of voice and facial expressions. Anyway, I wish you are given a decent workaround until IE is supported fully.

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Of course.

For those who reached out, we actually advised them to switch over to another browser :slight_smile:

They seemed to be fine with that as a temporary solution.

Having two browsers opened at the same time might have worked for them. Or they might even switched fully to some sort of other browser.