1.5 (Date: Apr 15. '19)

New Features:

  • Notifications
  • Payment and Billing
  • Templates
  • Folder Settings
  • Undo for Items
  • Custom Branding - Use Your Logo

Bugs & Improvements:

  • Filter inherits values and hides empty groups
  • Attach Large Files
  • Toggle Intercom
  • Link Rendering in Comments
  • The Empty States
  • Paste Image to Clipboard
  • Mobile Responsive Improvements

Read the full announcement here


That’s very nice but I can’t see Templates and Folde Settings. Logging out and in doesn’t help :frowning:

Exciting times. Great update!

Checked out the update and I am experiencing the same issue. @man It seems like everything that was covered in the full announcement has been rolled out. But neither Folder settings and Templates were showcased in the write-up… Are we overlooking something @stefan?

I think these are the templates that are mentioned in the announcement. The link can be found in the header of the startinfinity.com page, but as a registered user you don’t necessarily go there. Maybe add it to the help button that is on every board?!

I just figured that I cannot use the templates - when I click the “use this template” button I am always redirected to the login page and when I login nothing happens. Any solution on this one?

Hey @man, @veronica, @sammathis,

Thanks for your kind words :slight_smile:

New folder settings + templates are like 95% done. We’re testing them, and hoping to see them in the next 7-10 days. We’re terribly sorry for the delay, but we just wanted to make everything 100% ready :slight_smile:

38%20AM (photo from our Facebook group)


Thank you for clarification. Can’t wait to see it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the rollout.

At least we’re not going crazy @man.