6 bugs squashed today!


Hey guys!

You may have noticed some strange bugs this week mostly related to formulas and static attributes. These were the result of some new updates we added last week - such as the Summary option for formula columns.

The good news is that we have managed to fix a great number of these bugs in the previous days (and we’re still working on a few others) so I just wanted to give you a quick rundown of what was fixed today:

🪲 Formula | Sorting by formula is now working

🪲 Formula | Formula field doesn’t return ‘VALUE!’ error if one of the values used is 0

🪲 Filter | Filtering now works with static attributes (Created At, Created By, etc.)

🪲 Trello Import | Trello import is now working

🪲 General | Items accessed via item link no longer appear empty

🪲 Public Boards | Embedded boards can now use password protection

I must say it feels good to squash so many bugs in a single day. :sunglasses:

Have a great weekend everyone!