A project with multiple dates

If I have a project (item) that starts,for example, in the first week of May, then stops for a 10 days period and finally…it starts again at the end of May for another week; how can I manage this path with the gantt view?
Is it possibile having two starting dates and two end dates for same item managed in the same line in the gantt view?
How can I split a long period in two shorter sub periods?
Can I do this ?
Or do I have to split the item in two items, by doubling the original one ? (I don’t like it)
Thank you

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Hey @a.larosa

Welcome to the CF :slight_smile: It’s great to have you here.

I’m afraid that wouldn’t be possible with our Gantt View. You can only have one start date, and one end date, creating a timeframe which is visually shown as a space between those two dates.

I can add this suggestion to the pipeline though.

And yes, splitting that item in two would be the solution.