A refresh button for iPad and windows/mac app and Kaban on mobile app



As I use Infinity on my iPad and my Mac, the board sometimes doesn’t really update. As on my phone, there is a refresh button, which I can use to refresh the data anytime. It is really helpful if you add it to the iPad and windows/mac app as well!

Also, I would love to see a horizontal kanban board on my mobile app rather than a vertical one. It’s really weird for some reason.

I hope you guys will soon add these features!

Thank you so much.



Hi @ehnmm :wave:

Thank you for the requests, when it comes to refreshing our desktop apps, since they are a “wrapper” its fairly simple to do so without the button (as in mobile apps), you can use your keyboard shortcuts for refreshing ctrl + r (cmd + r ), that will refresh the board when such glitches happen. :wink:

When it comes to refreshing inside our ios app on an iPad device - in portrait mode you should have a ‘refresh’ button (similar to one in our mobile apps) on which you’ll be able to click and refresh the board you are currently in.

When it comes to our mobile apps - we are aware of the features and options our mobile apps lack, such as views, moving items from folders to folders and some other. However, in the future - we’ll be working on improving those and adding much more functionality to the mobile apps themselves.

I think I covered everything here, if you need anything else - let us know, we’ll be here for you :slightly_smiling_face: