A refresh button for iPad and windows/mac app and Kaban on mobile app


As I use Infinity on my iPad and my Mac, the board sometimes doesn’t really update. As on my phone, there is a refresh button, which I can use to refresh the data anytime. It is really helpful if you add it to the iPad and windows/mac app as well!

Also, I would love to see a horizontal kanban board on my mobile app rather than a vertical one. It’s really weird for some reason.

I hope you guys will soon add these features!

Thank you so much.

Hi @ehnmm :wave:

Thank you for the requests, when it comes to refreshing our desktop apps, since they are a “wrapper” its fairly simple to do so without the button (as in mobile apps), you can use your keyboard shortcuts for refreshing ctrl + r (cmd + r ), that will refresh the board when such glitches happen. :wink:

When it comes to refreshing inside our ios app on an iPad device - in portrait mode you should have a ‘refresh’ button (similar to one in our mobile apps) on which you’ll be able to click and refresh the board you are currently in.

When it comes to our mobile apps - we are aware of the features and options our mobile apps lack, such as views, moving items from folders to folders and some other. However, in the future - we’ll be working on improving those and adding much more functionality to the mobile apps themselves.

I think I covered everything here, if you need anything else - let us know, we’ll be here for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks to this message, I now know to press Ctrl-R - but it would be great to have a more obvious prompt!

How often does the app refresh on its own? We add to Infinity through a webhook - if someone is already looking at the table that will be updated with the webhook information, they don’t seem to see the new addition for a long time. Someone who logs on to the app during that wait sees it instantly,

OK so of course my stuff is weird. :-/
I have:

  • iPhone 13
  • iPad 11" M1
  • iPad 12.9" M1
  • iPad Mini 6 (newest)

I have the refresh button on my iPhone + iPad mini; not on my 11 nor my 12.9" M1 iPads.
I further tried rotating portrait / landscape, with and without the magic keyboard attached, and still no refresh button.

I hit CMD+R, and it does nothing on my 11 and 12" iPads - both with Magic Keyboards.
I did force quit the app, even restarted, but my issues remain the same.

Other than that, I absolutely LOVE the iOS apps; I can’t tell you how much I love that they are completely identical to the desktop apps! What exactly does that mean a “wrapper”?

Thank You!

How often does the app refresh on its own?

In my limited experience, Infinity seems to update almost instantly.
I’d suggest you test yourself & see; pull up any item on your PC / Mac, and pull up the same on your iPad.
Make a change on one device and watch it sync almost instantly.
That’s been my experience, as syncing speed is a huge concern for me…

Hey there @strativourakis

Wrapper essentially means that it is a browser - but without its other features / options / extensions, so a barebone browser with loading just one “website”. This might not be the most technical explanation of it - but from my understanding that’s what it should be.

I have to mention one thing, our app is not optimized for iPads ( i should have mentioned that earlier - especially bigger ones), which might explain it why it works only on your ipad mini and iphone.

I’ll update our iPad ticket and give it a bit more priority so that we can maybe optimize it better for iPads in general.

Hope that helps :v:

Got it… that makes sense & comports with my educated guess…

Either way; I really like the mobile apps specifically because they are SO feature rich!!!
Can be a little difficult sometimes to navigate via touch, but I have my Magic Keyboard + Pencil, so those make it easy.

I’d rather have the features & functionality of full desktop app vs. stripped down, touch-friendly mobile…

And yes if you wanted to note this, that’s cool of course, but again; for me personally; super low priority.

As I stated elsewhere, the app seems to refresh / sync pretty much constantly / instantly.
I’ve done tests, keeping my iPad open to the same folder / item as my desktop, and entering data while keeping eyes on both devices, and it seems to work pretty darn well… and very quickly!

One thing you could note if possible is the iPad apps do seem to refresh a LOT on their own…even on my iPhone also, actually… and again; both my iPads are M1, so quite powerful & lots of RAM…

Again; not a huge deal, but improvements are always welcome.

Thank You!

Hey @strativourakis :wave:

Thank you for being so open and honest - we appreciate your way of communicating this to us.

These points are valid and they are more than just “noted” - we try to consider each and every feedback - in order to see how to update and improve not just our apps and their “speed and performance” but the tool itself. Usually, if something is not working right - people are more inclined to quit the tool even if it helps them with their every day life or work in general.

Once again, we appreciate it all :pray: