Ability to add titles to attributes in cards


Screenshot: http://research.pachecoconsulting.co/Epl9Mv

I’ve got “Estimated time to complete” and “Actual time to complete” text attributes for my cards, but in the actual card where it just shows up as “30m” it looks odd without context. Being able to include a title in the cards for certain attributes would be keen.



Looking at that same screenshot has me wondering if I can sort the order of the attributes as they appear in the cards as well. Currently it’s showing:

Sample Task

Where “Sample Task” is like the “Name” attribute of the card and is ordered at the very top of the card when it’s expanded into the sidebar: http://research.pachecoconsulting.co/OIPNb6



+1 for adding titles to attributes… especially dates and times. @micheal thanks for raising this!

It’s often necessary to display multiple dates and times simultaneously with tasks, events and other items. If the card for an item needs 2, 3 or more dates and/or times displayed, there’s no way to show or distinguish what they represent.

A few of the markers for using dates are start date, end date, due date, follow-up date, event date, payment date, pick up date. drop off date, collection date, completed date and meeting date. Time markers are just as varied.

Please implement titles for dates and times as soon as possible. The need for them is urgent.

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@micheal, @chrish, hey guys!

I’ll add the title to show in the cards as a suggestion in the queue.

However, for now, if you use a text field for the time, or for a date (which could be a very good solution!) how about adding a slight text before the main value. Like:

  • ETC: 30 minutes
  • ATC: 30 minutes


  • Start date: 27/07/2019 / July 27, 2019

Don’t forget that you can really use the power of our customization features to polish and be creative with your workflow/organization. :slight_smile:

@micheal, for reordering the attributes in a card, you can also use the ‘Customize’ feature. Just reorder the attributes via drag & drop there, and they should switch places. I highly suggest keeping the same order as in the sidebar/modal. :slight_smile:




Thanks for suggesting the workaround, it helps. I love the flexibility, creative and customization possibilities of Infinity.

In Table view items beautifully display multiple dates and times simultaneously with the various custom titles we’ve assigned to them. Since they already display in Table view hopefully from a coding standpoint, it isn’t problematic to set it so they also display on the card.

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@coa Great workaround tip, mate. But that workaround does look a little clunky (i.e. redundant) in Table view.

Thanks for the tip on the Customize feature as well. I must say that I never would have guessed to go there to adjust the card order, but now that I know, it makes sense… :smile:

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Great tips!

Hey I need 20 chars so here’s some more random text

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Another use case of this: We use emoticons for three major metrics in our Scrum setup (Impact :facepunch:, Estimate :hourglass_flowing_sand: and Infectivity :face_vomiting:). The use of emoticons is mostly so we can better condense the info.
On Trello this was then condensed to a subtitle that read: :facepunch:: 5.0 :hourglass_flowing_sand:: 3.5 :face_vomiting:: 4.0

For external tool purposes these are all number based so I can’t use the work around listed here.



Hi @lumenon_infinity,

Emojis are rendering in ‘Text’ and ‘Long text’ attributes.

What I did is I pasted them into the ‘Text’ attribute from here: https://emojipedia.org/

And I got this:




Thank you for the quick reply, and indeed it does work for text-based attributes.

However, as mentioned, for external tooling support the idea was to use number-based attributes to avoid having to deal with input issues.

I also don’t want to have to later on swap everything back to number attributes just to have titles on attributes now! :smiley:

For now I’m using css rewrites.

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