Ability to import a table in one board to another board?

I have made a business directory in one board but I also need the list in another. Is it possible to do this?

Hi Marketing1,
You could use the reference attribute for that if I understand you correctly. Or duplicate the board. Depending on your usecase.

How would I do either of those?

To duplicate a board. Hover on the board and click the three vertical dots.

Then choose “Duplicate Board”.

Maybe you’re also looking for duplicating a folder. Follow similar steps starting by hovering on the folder name in the left sidebar:

For the reference: This would only be useful if you need more information in list 2 than is available in list 1: The reference field attribute in list 2 represents all information from an item in list 1, so you can add more attributes.
How to do it: create a new folder for list 2: click “add column” -> “create new attribute” <> choose reference. Then click inside a table and choose which item should be represented here. You have to do this for each item though, so you’re probably not want to do this with lists with a lot of items.

If you’re looking for how to sync list 1 with list 2 so that they are clones of each other, that´s not possible yet. You have to wait for the automation function, which is under development. Vote for it here: https://app.startinfinity.com/b/NT8hFqSBqwx/xgjYzqVcL1U/043b4793-19a0-483a-b464-ad0ae008ea42

It’s also helpful to check out some templates to see what is possible with infinity and how you can achieve it.

I need to duplicate the folder (which holds only a table) to a different board.
When I click the 3 dots, I DO NOT get the “Export to CSV” option:

I don’t even get the 3 dots on the board itself:

I have been informed in another forum that it may be because I am not an admin. Thank you for your help!

Hey @marketing1, yes duplicating and exporting and then importing into another board would be the best solution for this, but as it seems, you don’t have that permission for now. :slight_smile:

You could speak to the owner of the board (or an admin that has permissions to change roles), to give you the role of the admin, if possible.

Btw, thank you @micck for being a good sport and giving such a thorough explanation. :slight_smile: