Ability to link to another Board and item in the other board

In regards to a use case such as SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) and even the Infinity Board template for Employee Onboarding, I would like to use those as “static” Boards, meaning they are set up once and updated infrequently by an owner or manager type of user.

Then, from another “dynamic” Board, actual tasks and project management happens. In this board, as an example, I would create a task for myself, a virtual assistant or an employee and make reference to the “static” Board item that contains the list of steps to perform. The employee then can view the task and click on the reference to the “static” board to see the list of checkboxed items they need to do. The “static” Board and item are “read-only” to the employee and should never be updated by the employee.

Hey @joseph,

This is an interesting suggestion.

However, it might be a bit too complicated at this stage.

Also: I firmly believe that 90% of this matter will solve ‘Advanced Permissions’ which are going to introduce new roles in Infinity (such as client, collaborator, etc.) That feature is already in the production :slight_smile:

A little addition to that will be publicly shared boards, which will complete the value.


If it is very complicated, a simple suggestion is to allow an “internal reference” to an Item in another Board. It would then open the Item in another window just like the URL for an Item is created now. However, it could use the same “Reference” mechanism to list the Items from another Board and Folder and then set it as the value in that Item.

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@joseph, I like that. :slight_smile: I’ll make sure to include it to the suggestion queue.

However, this is probably going to be a low-to-medium priority feature.

I’ll make sure to share more details when I get a more exact answer from the dev team.