Ability to print PDF of tab view

It would be great if i could print out current tab view to PDF because I could not export filter table data. At leas twith this export I could print thing like Form, Gant schedule, Filter table , etc.

Hey there @korn.tris :wave:

Recently we introduced a new feature called export to PDF which allows you export all your data as a PDF (or individual items), as time goes we will slowly try to introduce export PDF feature to the views as well.

At the beginning - we might start with the table view only and then expand to other views as well, but we have yet to see that.

Hope that helps and explains where we are headed to when it comes to PDF exporting @korn.tris :v:

Hi Marko why you don’t add the function to export csv of the views but with the data as filtered by the user in the views ?

Hi there @raffaella.pace :wave:

We’ve had many requests and suggestions about this (csv + filter + export) , it is on our teams radar however - I am not entirely sure how easy, how complex or how possible this is.

I’ll make sure to talk to the team and see what can be done about it :pray: