Ability to sort/arrange attributes


Currently there is no way to arrange the attributes in any other view besides the form. I want to be able to put important attributes at the top of the list view or group attributes in a way that is more logical.



Hi @alan2 :wave:

There are in total 3 or 4 ways of rearranging attributes in many different aspects of Infinity, the only view you can’t rearrange / change the order of attributes and how you see them is in our column view (unfortunately, it’s system designed). You can most certainly hide attributes you don’t want to see through our customize button

There are two ways of rearranging attributes:

  1. Item Option: If we expand an item, we can rearrange those attributes up and down according to the importance or our own desire. Once changed in the expanded view of the item, it will be the same for all other items in that specific “expanded view”.

  1. View Option: If we use a table view (as an example here), we can click and hold any attribute (header) and move it left or right, depending on what we want to look at first, we can also pin attributes so that they always stay first.

  1. Customize Option : It might be easier to rearrange attributes in that specific view by using the customize button itself, you can click on 6 little dots and move those attributes up and down in order to rearrange them faster. Besides that, you can also hide some of the attributes that might not be important for you by toggling it off or no.

One additional tip, each tab you create - can have it’s own look, as each tab is completely independent - and you decide what you want to look at and how you want to look at your data in it.

Hope that helps at least a little bit :v:



Ok, using Customize allows you to re-order the attributes but for some reason this order is not being used by your List view :confused: