Ability to turn off or freeze auto sorting and filtering

When working in a sorted/filtered list, if a change is made to an item it flies away to it’s new sorted position. Sometimes we still want to see the item and it is really annoying to have to go track it down. Being able to choose to freeze the sorting/filtering, or having the option to only sort/filter on command (like Excel) would be extremely helpful.

Hey there @noah_stransky :wave:

Thank you for your suggestions, will make sure to forward this to our team and see if this is something that should / could be added in the future!

For now, I can suggest removing sorting when creating / adding those items. Second suggestion could be to simply create another tab where you can use for adding / creating / changing tasks / items in general - this way you wont always have to sort data you are looking at or similar.

Hope that helps :v:

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