Activity Log bug


I guess this is a bug?

A member account can see (partially) the activity log of a folder that he’s not a member of.

I don’t have more examples but maybe it’s only some items or a particular attribute:

So the non-member can see the content of the long text attribute, but not the item and the folder name (they show as “Deleted Item” and “Deleted Folder” instead).

In contrast to that, this is what a member of the folder sees:



Hi @v11

I went on and tested this on my side and you are actually right, I ended up with the same result, so naturally I contacted our team and confirmed that it is something that shouldn’t be there :slight_smile:

Collaborators view:

Hopefully this will be resolved soon, as the ticket I created not that long ago is in the devs to do list as something to fix.

Cheers and thank you once again @v11 :beers:

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Happy to help! And thanks for what you do!! @marko

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