Activity log showing on a public folder

I have a folder that can be viewed by the public but the Activity Log is showing Attributes that are not in the folder so it’s exposing private information. I would actually prefer that the public folder did not show the activity at all. Is this possible? Or how can I at lease stop the private information form showing in the log?


Hi there @lisa2 :wave: thanks for reaching out to us.

Can you tell a bit more about this, were the items moved between folders and were all the attributes merged with the folder it moved to, are we talking about subfolders as well, please tell us a bit more about your structure?

When I was personally testing this, moving items from one folder to another, the moved item still did not show the activity log from the previous folder (same happened with using merge and don’t merge options).

We would really appreciate it if you could show us what is happening, perhaps a short video of it happening or a few screenshots with which we can maybe get a better understanding of what is going on?

Looking forward to your reply @lisa2 :pray:

It might be linked to an issue we found where any users (including restricted) can see the log activity of private folders on the board, including ones they have no permission for … ie, they see every activity.

Ideally, the log activity should be an admin or assignable permission.

We put a ticket in about it a while ago, but they were not able to do anything. Our concern was GDPR, as also any user can see ALL users who are in the workspace, including email addresses, which means they can find out the contact details of all my other Clients or collaborators.

May be worth checking on our previous tickets as think the issues are linked.

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Hey @stephen.addis Once again, apologies for the delay - I have marked this down and we’ll make sure to go through it all, we will investigate and build a report for the team and then see how soon we can act on it.

I will get back to you once we go through it all, thanks once again.