Add filter "group is not empty"

It would be nice to have a filter of “group element is not empty”.

I set up a view grouped by team member in a project (read: folder). In this group, there are 4 of us, but there are 7-8 possible people to assign to in the team. However, only those 4 people are on that project. That leaves 3-4 rows at the end of wasted space and while not a big deal, is ugly. If we had a filter where empty “group by” elements weren’t shown in the view, but could still be placed into the view by assigning them through the item, that would be awesome.

I hope this was clear. This “issue” applies to all views but calendar.

Hey @Maveric100, I agree with you on that one. It’s something we’ve heard from a lot of users but we’ll see how and when we can make that happen.