Add Mailto and Dialnumber to the Email & Phone Attributes

As it stands now, the Email and Phone Attributes in Infinity are simply text boxes, useful as information but useless in practice. Adding Mailto and Dialnumber capabilities to these Attributes would quadruple Infinity’s usefulness to an entire new market of entrepreneurs and creatives who are anxious to ditch their decades-old CRMs in exchange for an all-in-one CRM / Database / Project Management solution.

Hey @Bruce!

Thanks for the suggestion!

That’s a great piece of advice. I definitely agree with you.

I’ll see what we can do about that in the near future. :slight_smile:

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As this has not yet been implemented I created a item on the roadmap. Please vote for it:

Though i think it should be implemented asap no matter how few/many votes it has, because it boosts Infinitys usability with very little developer time.

Technically when inputting the field needs to store a link with this structure:
<a href=""></a>

For the Phone when inputting: (+49) 251 33 32 22
<a href="tel:+49251333222">(+49) 251 33 32 22</a>

The links already word in the roadmap item

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In the email attribute summary it would be great to have the options:
“send to all”
“send to all as cc”
“send to all as bcc”

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In addition to the upcoming multiple select feature, the option to
“Send to selected”
Would be great

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Hi @micck, thanks for the suggestions. I know that our team discussed this back when Coa mentioned it, but unfortunately, at the time we decided that it wasn’t such a big priority for the time being. We do plan to add it eventually.

Thank you for creating a detailed roadmap suggestion so users can vote!

I just don’t understand the use of a dedicated email/phone attribute without a clickable function. A
What I do see (especially here with this function) is infinity not being good at weighing up the priorities regarding developing time and user votes as well as thinking for yourself. This is such a basic function for a CRM for example. You have a CRM template. I could as well use a text attribute to achieve what I have now in the email/phone attributes. (even if a text attribute does not check for validity)
Let me put it this way: I think your roadmap and voting option there does not really reflect what is most needed by the community. Stefan asked some weeks ago for feedback which I sent - to my disappointment I never got any reply, even not on asking six days ago. Let me quote myself from that feedback:

The infinity team needs to have more criteria on deciding what to do next than bare community votes. How will this improve UX, how long will it take to implement, how many will really use it on a daily basis (for example keyboard shortcuts have 40 votes and the sexy whitelabel item has 87 votes - would a new customer rather be shocked that there is no whitelabel or that there are basically no keyboard shortcuts? Refer to the forum and you know it. There are so many things people think they need, but other things would be much more helpful to them.), So I would suggest to re-think your „whys“ and „how“ you choose what to do next, in addition to gather more data from your most active users.

These keyboard shortcuts are a perfect example. This would save sooooo much time inputting data for everyone! Or we get back to the email/phone issue in comparison to the formula attribute: I assume that it took you at least 100 times more time (probably even much more) to code and test the formula attribute than it would have to do the email/phone thing. Of course everyone wants formulas, but everyone also wants to have dedicated email/phone attributes (not to speak of using the arrow keys to navigate inside a list).
I don’t want you do abandone all the big/fancy improvements until you have sorted out these smaller things, but don’t leave the smaller ones out also.
Think of a Zapier alternative. They would advertise they have so many integrations, much more than anyone else. You think wow that’s awesome. But once you start using the app you realize they only have one thing you can do with each integration which makes it really useless.
It´s similar here with the big/fancy features (Zapier: lots of integrations) and “small” ones like these (depth of integration)
I´m repeating myself, but to say it drastically: Votes on the (by now not useable) roadmap does not exempt the infinity team from thinking about what would most user benefit.


Hey @micck, sorry for not answering the email, I’ve received > 300 emails in a single night and tried to answer all of them.

I agree with you, adding Phone and Email ‘links’ should be easy improvement, I’ve sent the request to our Product team.

The Formula feature was in top 3 most voted features, that’s why we prioritized it.


Thanks for your quick response, Stefan, as well as for the request!
I already assumed you got a lot of these feedbacks. What would have made me feel better, because I then knew what to expect: just one or two sentences like, thank you, I received it, but have to work through a lot of these and will eventually get back to you. This would have given me the certainty that my feedback has been heard.

Hey guys! I’m happy to say that this has just been implemented - phone and email fields are now interactive/clickable.

Hope you will find it useful! :slight_smile:


That´s really awesome :smiley::pray: Thank you so much!

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