Add Mailto and Dialnumber to the Email & Phone Attributes


As it stands now, the Email and Phone Attributes in Infinity are simply text boxes, useful as information but useless in practice. Adding Mailto and Dialnumber capabilities to these Attributes would quadruple Infinity’s usefulness to an entire new market of entrepreneurs and creatives who are anxious to ditch their decades-old CRMs in exchange for an all-in-one CRM / Database / Project Management solution.



Hey @Bruce!

Thanks for the suggestion!

That’s a great piece of advice. I definitely agree with you.

I’ll see what we can do about that in the near future. :slight_smile:

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As this has not yet been implemented I created a item on the roadmap. Please vote for it:

Though i think it should be implemented asap no matter how few/many votes it has, because it boosts Infinitys usability with very little developer time.

Technically when inputting the field needs to store a link with this structure:
<a href=""></a>

For the Phone when inputting: (+49) 251 33 32 22
<a href="tel:+49251333222">(+49) 251 33 32 22</a>

The links already word in the roadmap item



In the email attribute summary it would be great to have the options:
“send to all”
“send to all as cc”
“send to all as bcc”

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