Add new attribute "Updated By"

Currently, there are this attributes: “Created By”, “Created At” and “Updated At”.
In my opinion, it’s missing the attribute “Updated By”.
This is very important when working on a team. In the same way that it’s important to know who created a record, it’s also important to know who updated it for the last time.

Hi there @joao.jesus :wave:

Great suggestion for an additional static attribute, not sure how complex or urgent this would be as of right now, as there are ways to check who updated the items through our activity log - with a time stamp on it as well! :+1:

Each individual item has its own activity log and the board itself has a section called “activity log” where you can filter what you are looking for as well!

Thank you for the suggestion @joao.jesus :pray:

Hi @marko, even if it’s true that it’s possible to see the information on the activity log, having this field on the table, allow us to sort and filter by this criterion, which can be very usefull in many different situations.

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I absolutely agree with you, hence why I think its important to add more static attributes! (I added this as an internal ticket as well)!

Thank you for suggesting it @joao.jesus :pray:

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