Add New Row to Table

In Table View, the “Add New Row” icon is at the bottom of the table. For large tables, this requires one to scroll down to the bottom every time to add a new item. It would be much easier to either put that at the tope of the table, or to have an icon/shortcut also at the top of the table to add a new item. This problem is compounded by the windows command ctrl-end not working to take you quickly to the bottom of the table, thus requiring physical mouse or keyboard scrolling to get there. Thanks.

If you mouse-over the beginning of each row’s number box, you should see a + sign display at the bottom of the box. Clicking on it will insert a new row below that row. The very top row’s number box also displays a + sign at the top of that box so you can insert a row above it.


Thanks for the info!

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