Add notification capabilities on (due) dates

There has been at least one post on this. I have voted on it.

Notifications on due-dates (or other cases where dates are used) would be an incredible addition. In app is fine, email notification good too.


Hello @birgli, I believe this falls under our planned ‘Reminders’ feature. As you might know, Reminders are on our roadmap in the backlog currently, so we’re hoping to start working on them in the following months as soon as we finish some current priorities. :slight_smile:

Thanks for voting, you can also vote for it on the roadmap if you haven’t:

I agree, it would be great to have email notifications. Currently I am working around this by using Zapier to push new tasks to GetBusy and GetBusy takes care of sending an email to the email address I put into the task and following up.

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I have done something similar using zapier and google calendars. does not seem to work all the time. Its down today for example :frowning:

It’s 30th June 2021. This essential feature is being requested since 2018/19. I would appreciate an honest feedback on the release date of this feature, please.


Hi @ceo! Reminders are the first automation we will release. We are currently in the process of testing and reviewing this feature, and our aim is to release it in the following weeks - depending on how the testing goes, if we discover some major issues, etc. Let’s say in 2-3 weeks but please keep in mind that this is only my ETA based on the information I have at the moment.