Add real time Backup system


In this startinfinity product set their PIN NO. system so that before deleting the main file that PIN NO. should be entered. And it should be set from the side of the main owner admin.

For collaborators too PIN NO. will be set from the main admin where PIN NO. can be different as well. And these PIN NO. can be changed from the side of collaborators as well in an emergency and that PIN NO. should be updated in the main admin a/c so that s/he can know what’s the new PIN NO.

Also, add one feature that only authorized features or folder can be accessed from the side of new and existing added collaborators.

Additionally, please do consider adding the backup system automatically for the live data along with the revision section. For this our storage space should be enough. Moreover, add external backup storage option like google drive, dropbox, one drive and so on where our all updated information should be backed up with specified time period like 1 minute, 1 hour, 12 hours, 1 day and so on.

So that if collaborators will delete any file accidentally then it can be restored from the backup files.

Furthermore, add auto-syncing features like all working files should be saved offline to our local computer with some software and also on a mobile application in mobile storage. These will be extra benefit features. And within one 1 click from the dashboard, it can be imported from the local computers. This way too our all updated live data will be saved to our local computers. It will be astonishing features to this product.

Those above-demanded features if you will apply to your products then it will lure more customers towards your products which means more money.

Hope in your next update you will consider the above-demanded features out there.