Added value of the Desktop Apps


Is there any added value in using the Desktop Apps over the browser version atm?



Hi @micck :wave:

Considering that our app is still in the Beta phase and will constantly get better and better with each update we release. I can say that our desktop app - performs better when it comes to opening boards and switching between them, so overall speed is better to some degree than the browser version.

Besides that, the app opens at system startup - so you can forget constantly opening your browser then going to startinfinity page and then checking everything.

Also, the desktop app comes with push notifications, so you will instantly be notified whenever there’s an update or comment left for you!.

However, if you are using clockify and if you like to have multiple boards open at the same time (across many different tabs in browser) then I would say - stick with the browser version, as that is currently not possible with the desktop app.

Hopefully that tells you a bit more about our desktop app, of course - if you have something to suggest or something you would like to see in our desktop app - feel free to mention it here.

Cheers :beers:



Yes, that’s definitely me. :joy: Thanks for the summary, Marko!

All the things I’m looking for are already in the Roadmap/Community’s Voice like keyboard shortcuts for example.



I am glad that I mentioned it then, you are most welcome. :pray:

Yes, there are a lot of excellent suggestions in our Community’s voice and some already in our Planning stage (like keyboard shortcuts). We do also have a few interesting internal suggestions like “favorite boards / folders” which might speed up the overall navigation through the app - however, we have yet to discuss those.

While you are here, if you have the time - feel free to tell us about your experience with the desktop app, have you used it a lot, did you notice the difference in speed/performance and really anything else that you might have noticed :slight_smile:

Of course, if you have any additional suggestions or features you would like to see in infinity - this form can be used to suggest, request and report.



I actually can work faster having multiple boards opened in different tabs, so the “speed/performance” is faster in my browser. Even if the loading time in the app might be better, but I have not tested that.

An additional suggestion would be to push your most voted requests. Releasing them will multiply infinity’s value. Especially the Dashboard overview:

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Yap, it’s worth mentioning all the options, possibilities and advantages, from the experience I can tell what people do, how people use infinity and what they would like to see or try in it.

When it comes to the features you mentioned, absolutely, value and possibilities will increase tenfold. I, myself - cannot wait for the ‘reminders’ and ‘if this then that’ automation.

Lets hope we both get to experience them soon :pray: :crossed_fingers: