Adding a Client temporarily vs Team Member

I am a Wedding Planner and am wanting to use Infinity as my team work space but also as a portal for my clients.

Essentially I want one board for company information, one board for my team members. Then a board for each client during the time we have the clients.

My question is, is there a way to add a client to view just one board… without adding them as a team member? y package comes with 10 team members. However I will have anywhere from 12-45 clients at a time to manage. So basically is there a category type for people added. Like one being team members that count towards the package price… and then others that have restricted access and can only view ccertain parts of the workspace and not count towards the members.

Love this so far…but if I have to upgrae to the really high package just to inculde my clients temporarily it will make this software not right for me.

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Hi Weddings, Welcome to the Infinity community!

To answer your question, it depends on how much interaction you need to have with your clients. If you don’t need their name/profile to be included in the board (e.g. as an assignment to a task) using the member attribute, then you can simply set the board to public access and share the link. You can also password protect the link if you want to ensure that only a particular wedding party has access to a particular board. This will mean a separate board for each party rather than a single board with wedding party folders as access is set at the board level.

If you do need to sign tasks/items to wedding party members, then you will need to add them as a team member, this taking up one of your team spots.

You can see what I am talking about here:

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Thank you so much for the custom video. I’m so new I haven’t set up my boards yet but plan to over the next few days.

Quick question if I am adding them as a guest member in the board. Would they be able to check off tasks or only view them? Does this depend on the permissions I give? If I choose where they can create and edit would this mean they could check off the tasks?

What I am mainly needing to do is to be able to share a task list with them., communicate via messages in the system (vs back and forth emails). As well as allow them to upload documents.


Yes, they will be able to check off items such as those on a checklist as long as it is viewable publically and shared with them.
You could also create subfolders for each person if there are more than one (e.g. bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, friends, etc.) and then share links to the individual folders with their tasks. Or create a label attribute and add all of the names of the party there. Then you can select a label as an assignment and group by person so that they can see all their tasks.

The only real downside to guests vs. team members is that guests will not be automatically notified when a checklist/item is assigned to them the way that team members are. Though you could probably setup an automation to make that happen. I haven’t done it myself yet, but I imagine there is a way.

You can see what I am talking about here


@infinity.justs, Thanks so much for posting these mini-tutorials! They’re fantastic.

Your timing is perfect. I’ve just begun sharing a few folders with a future teammate to begin getting her oriented with the some of the status of the project. I wasn’t sure how the shared folders were rendering in her view of them because it’s the first time I’ve shared folders. I was about to ask her to show me how they look on her laptop, but since you demonstrated that we can use an incognito browser to check the shared view, I don’ have to bother her about it. Very helpful!

@weddings, Thanks for prompting the dialogue!

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