Adding new Folder replaces previous items!

Yikes! I just found what seems to be a pretty big bug…
I created a new board and added a bunch of items in the default folder. Messed around, tweaked them, created several view tabs.
Then I created a new Folder in that Board. I selected the “Event” template.
And my previous Folder disappeared, along with all the items I’d created!

That was just a few moments ago.
Now I just went to try it again, and all the templates are gone.
Is something wrong on my end, or are you changing the app while I’m using it?

Huh, yes, we had some idea how that flow should go, but after multiple issues we found, we are going to change it completely.

We will offer choosing template only when board is created, @milos is working on that.


This is fixed by moving template picker from app to the board creation process. This way you will choose template only once and won’t be able to accidentally overwrite items.

Oh, I see. The template overwrote all the items I’d created earlier.

So yes, that will certainly fix the problem - at the expense of some functionality. It would be nice if you could still use templates to create new views after the initial data is entered. But I guess that would result in a bunch of new “fake” data being mixed into the database, which you’d then have to delete.

Come to think of it, that’s kind of an issue with the templates, anyway: even if you confine it to the beginning of the board creation process, they still create a whole bunch of sample entries that have to be deleted. Is there a way to generate templates without creating the fake entries?

Hi @adam, we agree there should be more flexibility when dealing with templates. We have a couple of related features on the roadmap that we believe will provide a great overall experience. The main one is the ability to create custom templates, but other ideas expand even more on that.
I’m personally very excited about what we’re doing with templates and I’m looking forward to getting more awesome feedback from the community when we release the improvements.

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