Adjustable Font Sizes

How adjustable are the type controls? For some views it would be handy to set the type larger, bold, etc.
It would also be useful to have a global font size setting, for those of us with aging eyes. :slight_smile:


Hi @adam,

We didn’t thought about this feature yet but it definitely sounds logic and nice to have. I’ll put it in our backlog.

It can be a part of bigger feature called ‘Styling’ where you can adjust fonts, themes, etc…

Thanks for the suggestion

Fonts and themes would be great, too!
It’s not just about “pretty” - it’s about usability, too. Some folks want as much info onscreen as possible. Others like their interfaces big, bold, clean and simple. If you can adjust between these extremes and still keep your basic interface recognizable, you’ll have an incredible tool.

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