Adjustable Kanban Card Size

In the demo deck, in Slide 5, you show some “raw” kanban-style cards in the Horizontal List format. Then, in Slide 6, they’ve been filled out with additional information, images, etc. That’s great - the fleshed-out cards convey more information, but they also take up more space so it’s harder to see all the items in a long list.

My question: what if you could revert to that “Task Title Only” view, hiding all the additional content? That way you’d appear to revert from Slide 6 to 5, resulting in a more compact list for editing, sorting, etc. It would be very useful you could flip back and forth between the “fat” and “thin” views.

Or maybe that’s already what you’re planning/doing?


Hi @adam,

Thanks for the suggestion.

We’ve though about that and developed a nice customization option exactly for the issue you’re mentioning :slight_smile:

Check out this video

Is this something you wanted to suggest?


You can change the ORDER of attributes on cards!!! YEAAAAAH…………!!!

(I’m sorry for that outburst of emotions but I do like this feature. Very much so.)


I love it! That’s even better than the “all or nothing” solution I suggested.

I don’t see a switch for “images” or “attachments.” Can we turn those on and off too? (They take up a lot of space when visible.)

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Yeah, this is really cool. I worked with Notion and Zenkit but both didn’t manage in this cool way - especially switch every attribute and also reorder.

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Yes, you have this options for every attribute you use, it’s just that in this video I didn’t added attachment field :slight_smile: So basically, you don’t have predefined attributes by default, you build your own fields, but you can also use templates.


Hey @eva.pavlik, welcome to the community :wave:

Thanks for the feedback.

I’ve created this category where we can discuss other tools, how we use them, good and bad sides, etc…

Would you share how you use Notion and Zenkit and what do you think Infinity can do to make better experience? It would really help.

Since Infinity is fulfilling all our wishes, I add a consideration which, in it anyway! :roll_eyes::smirk:

It’s great to be able to choose which fields to insert in a view (as you showed in the video).
Being able to check all the useful task fields already from the view is useful when you’re looking at a view that reflects the way you work at the time (e.g. I’m looking for task by effort in order to choose something I can do in 10 min).

It is however true that sometimes it may be disturbing to have all those elements displayed, although useful.

An even better improvement could be to allow also a toggle of the task, so you can see in a glance all the fields of the task of interest (without hacking into the settings), making the overall view cleaner by compacting of the other tasks. I hope my delirium is understandable :sweat_smile: (and if you want you can mock me!!! :zipper_mouth_face:)

Hi @Francesca,
I think this could be quickly done with a new view tab. It might be more of a hack than the feature you are requesting, but switching between tabs that have the settings you want should be an easy way to see the precise configurations(s) that you want, thus providing you as much (or as little) information as you please!

Food for thought…

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