Adjusting Table Column Width on iPad Pro

I work almost exclusively on an iPad Pro. iOS 13 uses the desktop version of Safari by default — so it should be the same as working on a laptop. However, when I try to adjust the column width of a table on my iPad (by touch or using a mouse), it is difficult to do in Infinity. I suspect this has something to do with the touch interface. Holding on the cell produces a contextual menu with options. Now and then the blue line will become visible before the contextual menu. When that happens, I can sometimes adjust the column width — but that happens less than one time out of ten.

I hope you guys can look at this. This doesn’t happen to me with AirTable. I can see how Infinity is (or will be) so much more powerful than AirTable — but sometimes little issues like this one make such a difference in daily use.


Hey @robbchadwick,

I’ll make sure to report this issue to our dev team immediately.

Thanks so much for believing in us, and for deciding to stick with Infinity.

I’ll do my best to push this glitch to be fixed ASAP!

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Thank you. I appreciate it.

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