Admin permission on a single board inside a workspace


I’m not sure this is possible currently. I couldn’t figure it out. I’m trying to do this:

I have a workspace with 20 members. These are all restricted members except myself.
People will create boards within this workspace. Whoever create a board, I want them to be able to assign permissions to others by themselves (this is possible for admins only), so they don’t always have to ask me if somebody needs permission.

This doesn’t seem to be possible. If I assign “admin” rights to somebody on the workspace…they will be admin for all boards in that workspace. I do not want that. I just want them to be able to set permissions on the boards they create themselves or duplicate. So basically, I’d like a way to make somebody admin of a board, not just for the whole workspace.

Can this be done currently? If not, was this feature requested already?



Hello @scholvien! Thanks for the question.

At the moment you can set somebody’s role for the whole workspace, but you can change everyone’s permissions both on workspace level (if you go to workspace settings) and on board level (if you go to board permissions, when you click on three dots of each board in your dashboard). This will help you determine what people can do in each of these boards so it will solve part of your problem.

However, what’s not possible at the moment is for admins to set permissions. Only the workspace owner can set and change permissions which is why your admins wouldn’t be able to control that for now.

We might change this in the future as we are planning to update permissions regularly, but unfortunately, for now, it functions like this.

Hope this helps at least a bit. :slight_smile: