Advanced Permissions: discussion


I’m very happy that the team is working on advanced permissions. I have a few question about this feature:

  • how are the roles going t be structured: something like in Wordoress or more hierarchy based (one role for workspace, another for board, yet another for folder, or perhaps even for an item only)?
  • is a user going to be able to see only a folder within a board or if they are invited to a folder they are going to be able to see all remaining folder in that folder?
  • is there going to be a central place to see all the users and their permissions grid?

I’m just curoius because I’m wondering how to structure data for my employees



Looking forward to hearing a detailed response to this.

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Hey @man, @chrish!

Thanks for bringing this up. :slight_smile:

I know that our CTO is personally assigned to build this advanced feature, so I’ll call out for @damir89 to join the conversation, just so I don’t mess something up in the explanation :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from you, Damir!



Since it’s been over a week…



Hi all,

I’m cautious to reply to these questions since they can be treated as a promise and we don’t want to lose the flexibility to add/remove things that are in contrast to what was said in the community.
As we progress with development we weigh things in terms of value and technical difficulty and decide which ones to do first. So in the case of permissions, I can update you on the current status and close future plans.
Right now the roles are fixed per workspace, so there’s no additional roles on the board or item level. Those roles will have default permissions and can be changed on the board level. It is a good start but not flexible enough. However, we are considering the idea of groups to add more flexibility.
Also, granularity that you are mentioning is something really good to have, and I’m sad to say it will not be in the first version. We actually had that in our previous version of the app where some restricted members were able to see and edit only “the subtree” of the board, not being aware of the hierarchy above. But right now, our energy will be focused on things that we believe have the most value for most people.
For example, board owners don’t want users to modify attributes or delete folders, and that will be possible in the first version.
The question regarding a central place for permissions: Now we will have default permissions for each role and then customization on the board settings level.
This answer is the current state of thought, it doesn’t mean we are not going to change things if they make sense. Basically groups will be a really valuable addition to the whole story.
Hope this helps.



Thank you very much for this reply. I’m fully aware that lots of thing can change at this point and Infinity is going to grow in the coming years. I was just wondering what direction current devolpment takes and I appreciate a glimpse into internal brainstorming.

The reason I’m asking these question is that I’m planning to introduce internal development program and I’d like each employee to see their own progress. So am I right in saying that the best idea to do that now and in the upcoming advanced permission v1 is to create a separate board called eg. “Employee Development” and create a separate board for each employee (whre I can give tasks and they can mark their progress)?

Note, I’m not complaining or anything, just tryin to make the best use of Infinity right now.



Thanks for taking the time to give a thorough answer of the status as of now. The idea of group permissions is an excellent next step towards more granular and sophisticated permissions. Groups would allow a good amount of flexibility in setting up different degrees of access for now.