All Data I enter dissapears

So I figured I would start using this program while it works out its bugs and slowly migrate my company into this and spend the quality time I think its going to take to fully implement all my companies data into it.

I was in the CRM template creating my contacts and companies table and I would add one of my customers and all their data and then move to the contacts folder to enter in all the contacts and adjust attributes etc. When moving back to companies folder all data is gone. ???

Maybe im adding things incorrectly I dont know.

One thing I did do was go to the main folder of the template and tried changing a few views and data also dissapears if you change part of the main folders template.

Any help regarding how not to lose the data will be very helpful.

Hey @ryan.s,

That is very strange, we haven’t experienced this before.

What browser are you using? Also, are you on Trial Version?

Would you be able to share a quick video?

I’m sorry for all the questions, but this is very weird and would love to solve this problem ASAP.

I’m sorry for all the inconvenience caused!

Google Chrome
Im on the paid lifetime deal 149.99
I will try to make a video. unless you want to do a screenshare to see it happen real time.

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I think I figured it out which was my bad and you can probably delete this topic.

I deleted demo data from template after I input data myself on top of demo data layer. That deleted all my data.

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Thanks @ryan.s!

This is also an unexpected behavior.

If you enter your data after you’ve loaded a template (and have a demo data), and click to delete demo data after the initial setup, it shouldn’t delete your data as well.

I’ve just tested this, and it didn’t delete my own data… We’ll take a deeper look into this right now.