All Tasks from children folders should appear in the parent directory

I expect to organize tasks in subfolders, but also to be able to have a view with all the tasks inside the subfolders from the parent.

For example, I can have a folder for each feature I’m working on, and if I go to the parent directory I can create a View that list all tasks.

This should be recursive, for example if inside my subfolders I have more subfolders, I should be able to watch all the tasks in all the subfolders.


Hi @alexcuenca4 thanks for the suggestion and welcome to Infinity community :slight_smile:

We’ve already developed this feature but we hide it for the first beta launch, until we can figure out the best way to introduce members with ‘Include Sub-Folders’ and ‘Overview’ concept.

We’ll push this feature in the next few days.



Yeah, I’m not sure I understand this one. Beware of features that may confuse beginners.
Maybe some “show/hide” options for power users?

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It’s really similar to Board Overview, it’s just on a Folder level. So if a folder has sub-folders, you can click on that ‘parent’ folder and check the option ‘include sub-folders’ and you get all the items from the sub-folders into that view.

Just want to +1 to this idea. A parent folder should be able to see all the child items. So if I have a “todo” tag and a “material” tag in both child folders I’d really like to be able to click the parent folder and see a global “todo” and “material” for the child projects. Calendar I would think would be very helpful as well, though I’ve only just started messing with adding dates to things today, that seems like it would be a strong corollary.

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