Allow any user to remove themselves from shared boards

I am a restricted member of someone else’s board, and it is no longer relevant to me. I should be able to remove myself from the board so it no longer shows up on my Dashboard, without the requirement to contact the board owner to do so.
Worst case the board owner could go MIA and I would be stuck with it on my dashboard forever.

Perhaps a function to hide the board by the user would be sufficient. That way it wouldn’t mess with any records on the board itself.

Hi @chris.nixon13! If the whole workspace is irrelevant for you - you can leave the workspace. Please let me know if this is the case and if you need help with that.

Indeed it would be handy if you could remove yourself from a board as well - but for now, anyone from that workspace can remove you as long as they have permission to remove workspace members (not just the owner). Perhaps that can help as a quick solution if you’re still in touch with the people from that workspace.

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Well, that was easy, I didn’t think to go into workspaces and leave from there. Thanks for the tip!