Allow Collapse in roadmap

This is a very annoying bug especially for mobile view to be not be able to collapse for example the planning items in the infinity roadmap.
It says unauthorized action, but in my opinion it should be possible for easier and better navigation and overview to collapse and expand regardless of permission.

Hello @micck! I understand that it may be annoying, however our roadmap functions like any other public board at the moment. Meaning that everyone who accesses it as a ‘guest member’ will not be able to customize it further.

As you know, changes in your Infinity boards happen in real-time, which means that if anyone were to collapse a column or filter something out or group items - they would basically be changing the look of the board for everyone else that can see the board.

That’s why currently, unfortunately our public board will have to work this way. :neutral_face:

Thanks for your reply, Jovana!
I understand, though it would be beneficial to have an option for boards with read-only access to disable the real-time sync so the user can change the views (while not being able to change any content). Maybe this needs a re-thinking or re-design of the concept of infitinty´s write-protection:
Split into
Write protection (really not be able to write/change values - now you can, but it is not saving) and
View-protection options:

  1. Protect view completely - nothing can be changed or attempted to change,
  2. Allow user to alter view in his session while no changes are seen by other users. On re-load changes will be gone.
  3. Allow user to alter everything while it is synced in realtime to other users)

Thanks for an insightful response @micck! I must say I’ve also thought about these options, but each one is problematic currently.

As we mentioned, the #3 scenario would be impossible as everyone would be able to do whatever they want in the roadmap and changes would get saved.

The #2 scenario is actually the one that we implemented for the template previews. On there you can play with the templates, but the changes wouldn’t actually get saved.

However, if we used the same approach on the roadmap, then the votes and comments from our community members wouldn’t get saved either. :see_no_evil:

Some new solution would need to get implemented but, to be honest, it seems that would probably be too much effort to implement just for the sake of the roadmap at the moment.

The roadmap is just a practical example that highlights the problem/limitation that infitity´s write protection in public view has. Keep in mind that infinity users will also use infinity for their own public roadmaps and more.
I would expect it to be sortable (by status, type, creation date, rating, progress, start date, whatever…) even if I had not the rights to change information.

This will also be a usecase where clients can check on the progress and you don’t want to create a view for everything they might want to sort by

Good point @micck! I’ll make sure to run this by our dev team to see if and when we would be able to set this up so it works in these use cases.