Allow creation of new kanban cards between other cards

In Meistertask you can create a new Task card anywhere in any column of the Kanban board. If you hover between two cards a + sign appears which lets you create a new card in place. great feature!

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Hey @knuthake!

Thanks for opening up this topic!

You can add both new task and a new group in Infinity columns view (Check the image below).


Is this what you were suggesting? :slight_smile:

not quite…

in Meistertask there is an option to create a new task between existing ones.

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Oh, oh…

I think you’re talking about double-columns or ‘swimlanes’…

If I’m right this time (:sweat_smile:), that specific feature will be available in Infinity, as well. Give us roughly 6-8 weeks. :slight_smile:

see here: