Allow filtering on public boards

Hello guys! I have a really large list of documents on infinity which I made public so that people can easily search for the documents they need. Is there any way to allow filtering on the views, even if it’s not saved? I don’t want to give people permission to edit items or add new items, but it would be nice if they could make their own filters so they can search documents by its attributes.

Maybe one option would be to have the option to allow public users to edit views, but then the edits disappear when they close the browser or something.

Work around is to create a user, call it public user for that project or set of projects that you then just share the login details on.

Means you can control it as if it was a normal user, because basically it is.

Public boards, really would only consider those as ideal use case where you are embedding it into a website for information … if people need to use it to a level that requires filtering, think in the concept they are considered more than a casual public user so the function has not been provided.


Thanks for the workaround. I’ll try this.

But I do not agree that you don’t need the filter function in public boards. For example in the infinity roadmap I’d love to have it as well as in a book catalogue I provide.
So for me it’s basic function for public boards with more than 20 items.

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