Alphabetical order in Infinity is wrong


In every latin languages (Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italien, etc.) and also in nordic languages (Danish, Swedish, etc.) there are characters with accents and other special characters.
Regarding alphabetical order, it’s important to have the correct encoding on the database used, in order that words are sorted alphabetically in a correct way. This is not happening right now on Infinity, and whenever we use characters with accents or other special characters, the sort order is wrong, as you can see on the attached screenshot.
This is a very serious issue, as all international users (who use any other language appart from English), are not able to see their information sorted alphabetically in a correct way.
This issue is usually related with the encoding used on the database that supports all the information, and usually it should be set to UTF-8. But this is something you will need to investigate and correct as soon as possible.