Alphabetize in Filter, Group & Sort

Is it possible to alphabetize or edit / sort attributes in the Filter, Group & Sort boxes. With a lot of attributes, it makes finding the one you want more time consuming than it should — unless I’m missing something. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Plus 1 for this feature!

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Hi @robbchadwick :wave:

Unfortunately no - something like that isn’t possible for now - creation of the attributes should dictate the order of them in those menus. So, the last attribute you created will be the very last one in the list!

Also, some of the attributes cannot be used to group data so the list might end up looking different from the list of attributes you have in your table view (or some other view you are using).

If you changed the order in your table view (for example, or anywhere else) that wont affect the order in the “filter, group and sort boxes”.

However, we’ve had similar suggestions before from our users and I’ll make sure to add some extra importance to our internal ticket for this!

Thank you for your feedback @robbchadwick and @chrish :pray:

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