Android app download of PNG produces gibberish screen

When I download attached PNG files using the Android app I get gibberish.
It works fine for me in chrome (on the same android device) but this is what happens in the app.

The preview is fine everywhere.
On my android phone when I use the app it tries to download and displays this photo.
When I use chrome on my android phone it downloads the file as expected.
So it seems to be a bug with the app specifically in how it is handling the file download.

Tested on 2 different boards with separate owners, same result.

App is version 2.1
I stopped the app, cleared cache, deleted data, uninstalled, reinstalled… Same bug

It’s also the same for pdf.

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Hello @chris.nixon13, thank you for reporting this! Yes, as @micck says, we are already aware of the issues with downloading attachments.

This task is already in ‘To Do’ for our dev team, so I’m expecting it will be worked on soon.

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