Android Issues - Almost worthless

I am using both my iPhone and Android phone to view and edit my Infinity tasks. The Android app is extremely buggy, it is almost useless. I cannot type anything, sometimes the text appears sometimes it doesn’t. There is a lot of lag when typing when it does work. It is really painful to use Infinity on my android. The specific android phone is a Samsung S9+

The app seems to work really well on my iPhone 11, but I mainly use my androids 7 days week. My iPhone 11 is for work purposes only so it’d be nice to have Infinity functioning properly on Android just as it does on iOS devices.

I recommend adding a chrome shortcut to the home screen… it works much much better than the app.

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Hey @taddcmiller85!

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback.

Yes, Android app is buggy at this point, and we’re definitely going to spend more time trying to get it to work more stable and useful (more ios app-like).

@BaiJie had a great suggestion, so maybe that could be a temporary solution (you can even tilt your phone in a horizontal mode and get more Infinity, web app-like features :wink: )

I agree - when will the Android version be updated. There is no way to use the keyboard accurately without connecting it to Windows Phone.

Update: I just discovered that it is the Samsung keyboard that may be having a problem. When I switched to Bitmoji keyboard it interacted fine.

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Thanks for this information @jeff! It’s of great value to us.

We’ll definitely work on improving the Android app this year. :slight_smile:

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The Google keyboard also acts funny: no formatting changes, no switching languages, no spellchecker…

However, opening the page on Chrome, and then (from the menu options) creating a shortcut to the desktop really does fix all of my gripes specific to the Android app. I would suggest going that route while the full-featured apps are in development. :slight_smile:

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