Annual notification of attributes stored as MM/DD/YY

How do I go about creating an automation that will send a notification every year on an employee’s birthday if stored as MM/DD/YY? I can easily create an automation to accomplish this if their birthday is simply stored as MM/DD in an attribute but not if stored as MM/DD/YY.

My current work around is to have two attributes. One for their full birthday as MM/DD/YY and another attribute for birthday notification stored as MM/DD. This is less than ideal to have duplicate attributes to fill in when onboarding. Am I overlooking a way to accomplish my goal? Thanks in advance for any insight or suggestions.

This is just the way I do it. But it´s not very convenient.
I created a request here. Please vote on it:

It´s actually about the calendar view of birthdays, but you can add your notification request in the comments. If you do an own request for the notification post the link here and I will vote for it.

@micck, voted for your request. Would be nice if they integrate it to save running a work around for annual events. Cheers!

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