Apply Label to all items in a folder

I searched and did not find this particular request. Please redirect me if this is already discussed somewhere else.

For duplicating folders of tasks (i.e.duplicating a project template), it is paramount to be able to apply a label to an entire set of tasks. I have created a Project label that allows me to label an item with the project number/name so that in an overview, the item lists which project it is associated with. However, each project has over 200 tasks in it to start. When I duplicate the template, I have to label each item with the project name label. I need to be able to apply a label to all items in a folder.

When in a folder, there should be an action menu that affects all items within that folder. For example, a few of those features could be, edit attributes, delete all cards, etc. If we could edit attributes of all cards in a folder, you could also edit the Start/Due Date attributes in a single folder for a two week sprint or apply the same deadline to many items.


Hi @brandonc, thanks for the request!

I suppose you mean that when duplicating folders without items. Yes, that would be useful. Right now you can apply an attribute to the whole folder but you need to add the value of the attribute to each item separately.

We’re planning to add multiple select functionality in the future that will allow you to edit your items in a bulk. But we’re still working on some other priorities and we’ll have to see when that’s going to make it to our backlog.

Thanks for the suggestion, though! It’s a good one. :slight_smile: