Applying template per Folder within a board, rather than applying template to board

As I understand I can apply a template to a board. When managing my project I:

  • plan (column-template: kanban)
  • track progress (column-template)
  • make lists (list-template)
  • meet (calender-template)
  • organize events (calender-template)

Therefore I would like to apply a template to a folder of a board and not on the board as a whole. Hence I can keep everything of a project on one board. And still it will be possible to have the same template on every folder of a board if you choose so (current functionality)

This way of organizing will probably effect the (very handy!) “board overview” function, but this can be solved by offering 3 kinds of board overviews (aggregating all the folders), and just leaving out info or fields that can’t be shown (can’t be aggregated on board-level) in the selected kind of board overview.


Hey @ton, thanks for the suggestion.

We’re really glad to see you guys completely understand the product :slight_smile:

Infinity already had a template for each folder functionality but we switched it to use one template per board, to keep overview clean - the reason you mentioned.

Imagine people trying out Infinity, making few folders and choosing few templates randomly. This would make chaos in:

  • Overview
  • Show/Hide
  • Filters
  • Existing Attributes

Because one board shares all the custom fields from all folders.

We’re now in the process of figuring out the best way to answer this questions:

Should we use Folders to separate different sets of data types and make Overview on Folders ( allowing sub-structure with sub-folders ), or to do it like now and force using Boards for that, but losing the possibility to see multiple-board Overview?

If we decide to go with Folders as main data separators, how to keep everything clean regarding attributes and also an Overview?

What are the use cases for data separation, and what are the use cases for data overview ( seeing items in the same view )?

I think @adam, @man have the same issue, and also we noticed some members doesn’t understand folders and overview when we had a call with them.

Would you guys be available for a brainstorming session next week to figure out the best solution and use cases?

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Are there “standard sets of data types per template” (with additional variabel sets) or are they always custom defined? If standard per template, can’t you make overviews per template (and loose the custom fields in the overview)?

If not, I would prefer to leave is as it is right now.

Yes, when we plan it.

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I’m interested in joining in.

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I’m happy to chat if the time works out. We’re in the middle of some pretty crazy deadlines from now to December 20, so it may be challenging - but please let me know when you’re thinking about talking and I’ll see if I can join!

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