Archive items in a Column

Hello Infinity!

I recognize that multi select is currently in development but I was curious to know if there is a way to archive items in a list?

I have a Done Column and there are currently “23” items that have been marked as completed. Is there a way to archive all 23 items or a faster way to move them to a different folder?


Hi! I´m not sure whetter I know the best solution, but you could filter out all items with a specific label. You could use the Done label or make a new one called Archived or so.

Hi @mranhphan!

Yes, unfortunately, Multiple Select is still in progress. But as @micck suggested, in the meantime you could perhaps use the filtering option to unclutter your workflow. You can, for example, filter out all tasks that have a ‘Done’ label or if you are using a checkbox you could filter out all items that are checked. That way, once you mark something Done or check the checkbox, these items will be ‘hidden’ from the view.

This can serve as an interim solution until Multiple Select is ready. :slight_smile:

Thanks @Jovana and @micck. I’ll use the suggested workaround for now but when I am filtering tasks that have the Done label, all columns that have no cards in it are also filtered out.

For example I have a Done column and an Archive column. I’m filtering out the Archive column but the Done column is filtered out alongside it. Is there a workaround this by chance?

No worries if not.

I´m not quite sure if I understand what you want.
Can you post a screenshot on how you have configured the Done label attribute?

Hi @micck,

Happy to.

In Screenshot 1, you notice there is a label for Daily Agenda and Done label with no tasks under it. There is also an archive label with a task under it.

  1. I want to make the archive label not visible.

So I follow your suggestion and filtered out the Archive Label so I don’t see it. However, in doing so, it also filters out the Daily Agenda and Done label because there are no tasks in it currently. In order to make it appear, I have to put a placeholder.

See Screenshot 2 reflecting Archived not being visible, but also Daily Agenda and Done as well. I only want ARCHIVE to not be visible.’

I think I need a screenshot of the attribute setting page to sort that out, but it seems to look like a bug. So you better contact the chat support using the intercom bubble.

What does happen when you apply the filter status IS archive? Which ones appear then?

@micck - only Archive label and its tasks would appear in this situation. Everything else would disappear.

I’ll contact the intercom and report the bug.

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Hi @mranhphan, indeed this is a bug. I believe it’s already on our to-do list, but I will raise its importance now.

Perhaps my checkbox idea might work better then. :thinking: