Assignment mails from Infinty has a need for improvemnets

I receive mails almost daily from Ininity during testing of tool and it is kind of confusing. Including automatiion mail

The following would help:

  • display only firstname and not full name (which is more personal)

  • Replace such text with something meaninful:
    Autobot has just assigned you to [New Item]
    Bots are cool from dev viewpoint. Actually it is the name of our company and person doing the assignment that should be mentioned (no longer cool with unpersonal “autobots”…)

  • The following should also contain our company name and not Infinity which is the tool we are using:
    Infinity Team
    The Infinity brand is well enough covered at the bottom of the mail.

  • It should be possible for us to see our own logo or an image at top of mail.

Akerselva Padleklubb

Added example from Infinity where all mails look close to the same.
Also hadde MS Planner that at least has way more details and summarized mails of all tasks ahead, to late and so on.