Atributo de lista desplegable

Sería de gran ayuda que agregaran un atributo o campo de lista desplegable, el cual permita elegir opciones definidas. Creo que es algo sencillo. Muchas aplicaciones similares, tienen esta opción.

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Unfortunately we are English only, so I’ll do my best to cover what you have asked. From my understanding you are looking for a drop down menu option which allows a user to select a predefined option.

This is entirely possible with our labels, you can add a label attribute, customize its options and save it. Once a user clicks on the filed a drop down menu will appear, he’ll be able to pick one (or multiple) option from the list and add it to the item itself.

Here’s an article on our label attribute: Labels | Infinity it might help you understand how it works.

Here’s one example of that option in one of my boards:

Hopefully this helps, if not - feel free to reach out to us via live chat support and one of our agents will be able to help you instantly.

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