Attachments on phone

I just updated my android phone with the new update which was to download attachments. There are 2 things wrong:

  1. It doesn’t
  2. PDF files do not open. I only get there bubbles bubbling.


I began using an iphone and still cannot download images or pdf on it.

Since I cannot download pdf I cannot read them very well because they do not expand in the view.

Hey @john.cesta

Thanks for posting it here as well - it is something we have seen happening over the past few weeks maybe even a bit more than that. Our developers do try to work on it among other things while their current priority list if fully packed.

This will take a bit of time before it gets fixed as it is a bit more complex than our team anticipated, but we’ll make sure to come back here as soon as there is some advancement or full resolution of the issue.

Thank you for your understanding :pray: