Attribute | Reference v2


This is a nice step forward, and since the past 10 weeks or so I am feeling the momentum towards a mature platform as key barriers to usability are lifted one after one. Really getting excited.

I also want to get some clarification regarding the change to Reference though.
Previously, we used to have items ever existed in a board, as an option for a reference column.
Now, each reference column seems to only allow reference items from a single folder.

So before the change, I had a reference column that linked to the same type of items in different folders. Now, after the change, the one column was automatically split up into three reference columns.
To be more specific, a column in my folder now suddenly becomes 3 columns.

If I had a folder for apples from CA and another folder for apples from FL, I used to be able to link them in the same Reference column. Now we need one Reference column for CA apples and another for FL apples. Or else, if I only want to have a single Reference column for all apples, then the two folders need to be merged into one, plus an additional attribute to differentiate the two. And what about the 200 apples that I have already entered in each folder?

I like that now I have much fewer data to filter from when selecting reference items. And I prefer having a clean search result for Reference to flexible data structure. But again this is a limitation that affects data structure design and needs to be documented up front. It is going to be extremely hard to restructure data later if someone only to realize it will not work after a lot of folders/items are already entered (since Infinity doesn’t allow mass copy/paste/edit yet, especially for mass edit by column). And when this happens, I bet you the user will fall straight back to spreadsheet and not to return to Infinity again.

Secondly, if possible, I feel that having an option to filter folders to the Reference search result instead of hard limiting the column to a single folder for reference, a better implementation. But I respect Infinity’s choice and I’d hope Infinity has this well thought through and not to change it again later as restructuring data is very painful.



Thank you for the feedback @j11! Yes, if you had one reference field with items from multiple folders, that field will now become multiple fields/columns just as you described.

I agree that restructuring can be very painful and should be the solution if absolutely necessary - and after speaking with the dev team, this time it was.

Thanks for trusting us with this decision as well, and hopefully the new reference field will prove to be much easier to use (and a better choice for performances). :slight_smile: